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Materials Used in Their Manufacturing

1. Recycled; a. material used is post-consumer material, e.g. recycled plastic. b. pre-consumer material that is recyclable, e.g. some metals and some plastics.

2. Sustainable; materials that are very tough and last a long time, not subject to replacement, e.g. some metals and some plastics, like melamine.

3. Biodegradeable; materials that when put in a landfill dissolve, e.g. wheat board, linoleum, real wood laminates.

Finishes on Signs Also Can be Green

- Paint can be low VOC, (reduced chemical paint)
- Adhesives can be earth friendly, biodegradeable, or low chemical formula.
- Metals can be brushed or polished, rather than painted.

Signs Now Holland

Will recycle, reuse or safely dispose of any green sign material used for signs and returned.

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