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Signs Now Holland - The Rules Have Changed

Experience Matters:

One of our goals is to keep our clients up to date on important changes in rules and regulations. This assures informed and timely decisions about signage. We have been providing this service for over twenty-one years. We got you covered when the rules change!

A sample of the new look of compliance is displayed here.


  • Only sans serif, thin-stroke fonts are allowed for raised characters.
  • Characters are to be widely spaced with at least an 1/8-inch between the two closest points, regardless of letter height.
  • Grade 2 Braille is to be placed directly below the corresponding raised message.
  • Door mounting is allowed in certain situations - push side of doors with closers. Typically restrooms and fire exits.
  • Height of signs to be between 48''-60'' from floor.

If you have questions or a project you would like to discuss please contact us today.